Toe Dipping

I’m in the beginning stages of learning to treat my Temple as the sacred vessel it is.  Embarking on this beautiful new journey of Loving my God, myself, and those around me.  Valuing self-Care, and the care of those I hold dear.

I’ve come to this point in my life as many others do, through pain, as well as trials and tribulations.  I have long allowed my self to end up at the bottom of the list, ANY LIST.  Didn’t matter what list I was making, I didn’t value myself enough to prioritize me.  This has left me wanting.  Wanting a more healthy lifestyle, wanting more confidence, wanting to have a baby and wanting to feel less insecure.

I created this blog as s creative outlet.  A way for me to speak my truth and allow that truth to resonate with others.  It’s a way for me to find commonalities with others that also are having trials in this area.  I hope to connect in ways that I find difficult in my own circle of influence.

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